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District 31 nyc Form: What You Should Know

Voting Information: 1. Which one of the following candidates is your FIRST choice, if any: Senator Joseph T. Bruno, Council Member Humane D. Williams and Congressman Peter K. Martins 2. Have you voted in at least 3 prior elections? 3. If an election is held today, do you plan to vote in person or by absentee ballot? Please provide a brief explanation of why each candidate should receive our vote. Thank you very much for your response. We will be following up with the Office of District Planning if we do not receive a response within 7 days. Please be sure to mail in your letter by the deadline.  Please be sure to include your mailing address, phone number, e-mail and website. Please include the information we requested in our “Voting Information” question on the next page. CEC 32 — District 32 Community Education Council CEC 32 is a community-based organization dedicated to providing education and training to our local members, and to fostering the education of the next generation. By teaching our members and volunteers about how to vote and what issues are important in our community and in the larger world, CEC 32 works to ensure that NYC residents will have the tools they need to have a more informed, active and active citizenry. Please fill out the form below: 2nd Congressional District 31: 1st Choice is Rep Peter Tadzhik, Mayor Bloomberg & Council Member Melinda Ryder, or 2nd choice is CEC member John S. Giulio Please provide a brief explanation of why each candidate should receive our vote. Thank you very much for your response. CEC 33 CEC 33 seeks to promote civic engagement, participation, and empowerment by providing a forum for educational events, community meetings, and informational forums. Through its Education and Outreach initiatives, CEC 33 promotes positive and proactive efforts undertaken by neighborhood and neighborhood based organizations to increase the effectiveness of civic engagement and leadership development opportunities. CEC 33 works on a multitude of issues that affect the lives of New York City residents — from economic justice, community health, housing, transportation, and youth development to environmental and natural sustainability, and community justice.

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FAQ - District 31 nyc

How do Vienna's districts compare to NYC neighborhoods?
Hey! I was born and raised in Vienna and live here now.I spent 5 months living in NYC in 2023. I would compare Williamsburg in Brooklyn to a combination of the 6th (Mariahilf) and 7th (Neubau) districts of Vienna. Lots of hipsters and young creatives. Nice little restaurants, bars and shops. A very friendly albeit damn-i'm-cool vibe. Park Slope would be comparable to Vienna's 2nd district (Leopoldstadt) which is the home of the famous Augarten (similar vibe to Prospect Park). Lot's of young couples with their babies. Also the wonderful Karmeliter market. An understated atmosphere without being boring.I lived down in Bed-Stuy while I was in New York. The 16th district (Ottakring) feels like a good counterpart to that. Very diverse with lots of ethnic food shops and a great market (Brunnenmarkt). Like Bed-Stuy, students as well as young families have recognized the charming neighborhood and appreciate the lower living costs. I foresee jentrification in both places. I hope i'm wrong.That's all i've got for now. I wish you all the best in your research and i'm delighted by your interest in my hometown :)
How difficult is it to become district attorney in NYC?
First, there are five District Attorneys in New York City, one for each Borough. Itu2019s an elective office. Incumbents are often reelected for as long as they want to be, so there arenu2019t a lot of available jobs. But Iu2019m guessing you mean assistant D-A. And by NYC, I assume you mean New York County u2023 which is Manhattanu2019s official name.Based on my experience in covering court cases, I would say they look for people from high end law schools willing to work for low end wages. An ADA has to be dedicated, hard working, prompt and able to juggle big caseloads.Do you have a good track record, i.e. you clear a lot of cases that stay cleared? Has becoming a prosecutor been a long term goal or is it simply the Big Idea of the moment?Itu2019s not like you see on TV. Itu2019s not like you read in the novels of Linda Fairstein or Robert K. Tanenbaum.
What are some of the best places to visit in NYC?
Without a doubt, NYC has some of the best sights and experiences to take enjoy. There is so much to see, and you are never at a loss for something to do. Being u201cThe City That Never Sleepsu201d, New York City lives up to its name, as it is 24/7 hustle, bustle and excitement. The best way to enjoy NYC to the fullest is to store your baggage, shopping bags and luggage in one of the Knock Knock City host locations for a few hours. Once your bags have been safely dropped off and stored at one of our locations, here are a few ideas and suggestions for where to head next within the city:THESE ARE PERFECT FOR THE TIRELESS AND BRAVE:#1. New York Hop On/Hop Off Sight Seeing Ferry: Explore Manhattan and Brooklyn by land and sea as this convenient ferry tour takes you to some of the most well-known sites in the city. To learn more about these tours visit Gray Line New York#2. Madison Square Garden: Whether you are searching for excitement through a sports game or concert, Madison Square Garden delivers on levels you only imagined possible to create your perfect outing. For events and times visit Madison Square Garden | Official Site | New York City#3. Brooklyn Heights Promenade: Integrate history with beauty as you take in one of the finest views of New York City from the breathtaking Brooklyn Heights Promenade. To experience this photographic masterpiece visit Historical Sign Listings : NYC ParksTHESE ARE PERFECT FOR THE CURIOUS:#1. 9/11 Memorial: Take a moment to reflect and remember that infamous day in September 2023 when the course of history changed forever, and heroism prevailed. For more information visit National September 11 Memorial & Museum#2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Take your imagination on a journey through color, beauty, and interpretation as you make your way through this creative cultivation of artistic genius. To learn how you can experience visit Met Audio Guide Online#3. American Museum of Natural History: Take a trip back in time as you find yourself in the midst of dinosaurs, mummies, and presidents in this fantastic presentation of historic proportions. To buy a ticket for this trip visit American Museum of Natural HistoryTHESE ARE PERFECT FOR THE HUNGRY:#1. Daniel: From elegant and exquisite interior decoration to the indulgent European cuisine and wine cellar, Daniel is by far a dining experience of culinary masterpieces. To make your reservation visit Michelin Starred Cuisine by Chef Daniel Boulud#2. Bleecker Street Pizza: A slice of heaven served on a plate, Bleecker Street Pizza offers one of Italyu2019s most well-known dishes right in the center of NYC. To learn more about their menu visit Best Pizza in New York City#3. Serendipity 3: Satisfy your sweet tooth at this sensationally satisfying and delectable discovery right in the middle of the action. To find the perfection of your choosing visit Serendipity 3
Why is the Republican party sending out letters signed by Ronna McDaniel asking voters in every Congressional District to fill out a census to support Donald Trump?
She can do as she wants but I will NOT support trump wanting to put a citizenship question on the census. trump wants to know where legal and non citizens live. Many non citizens have been here for years due to their working for a company that is owned by a foreign company. It doesnu2019t change the fact that they are using public roads, schools, etc. and paying taxes to the IRS.Foreign Citizens Living and Working in the U.S. If you are a foreign citizen residing in the U.S., you are required to file an annual return with the IRS. You are considered a 'Resident Alien' and have to declare your worldwide income as well as your non-U.S. bank accounts.U.S. Tax Rules Applicable to Foreign Nationals - FindLawThat is not the purpose of the census. The purpose of the census is to count EVERY person living in the US no matter their status, so that monies can be distributed to and representation in Congress can be determined. Citizenship does not enter into the reason for the census. There are foreigners working for a short time or years living here due to their employment at a foreign company.The information is used to get a broader sense about the population in general. This information then is used to calculate the number of seats that each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives. The information is also used to determine which communities will receive federal funding, and how much.IMHO ~ Adding the citizenship question to the census will give our dictator-in-chief a reason to withhold funding from some states with large numbers of foreigners. Another way to cause division in our country.
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