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How much does a billboard cost on 101 in San Francisco?
Creating a Mobile Application where Billboard Customer and Advertisers can work on booking billboard spaces Will be Approx 12022 - 15,000 USD.We at TecOrb Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have developed approx 120+ Mobile Applications in Domain like Taxi Booking, eCommerce, Enterprise Apps, Laundry, Movie ticket 2D Application, Realtime Marina booking, Hotel& Flight booking, Saloon, Custom Apps, etcFeel free to Connect (have 24x7 support):Website : https://www.iwebmobileapp.comeMail ID: company@tecorb.comPhone Number : + 1 803 335 3593Customer Panels :1). User visit website2). Select location (Zipcode/City/State) Or Can chose location on Map by Drag / Drop Map Pin.3). Website Showsa). Listview : With Basic Details, Images, Price, Number of people looked this space, etcb). Map : Complete Section with Map Pins on billboard Locations (Red Pins for Empty billboards, Green for Filled billboards, Blue for Going to empty Soon).4). When User clicks on listing over Listview :Complete Details will show like :multi Images, Video, Price, Number of people looked this space, Size, Adress, Map with Pin pointed on billboard, etc5). User can Filter out listing, with Size, Price, etc6). User select billboard, Select time for showcast check prices.7). Submit to pay, than get Invoice to get the details and payments.8). User pays for billboard for Selected durations.9). On there account they can check running bill boards and can check them on Map.10). Can manage there Current and Past booking.Business :1) Billboard owners can Register/Login and verify there phone number with SMS - OTP.2). Admin make them active.3). Billboard owner can add new billboards with details like : Multi Images, Video, Price, Number of people looked this space, Size, Adress, Map with Pin pointed on billboard.4). Owners can add n numbers of billboards.5). Can manage there content and make them active or inactive with date ranges (Means ready to get booked or not for a given date range).Admin Panel :1). Make Business Active or Deactive.2). Manage User content.3). Manage billboard contents (by mistake billboard owner have added a wrong content, so Admin can edit that).4). Manage Payouts to Owners.5). Edit CMS for Static pages for SEO perspectives.6). Manage billboards booking schedules.7). Add billboards of there own with specifying Multi Images, Video, Price, Size, Adress, Map with Pin pointed on billboardApp Feature Layout :1). Pusher Notifications2). Payment Gateways3). SMS gateways, etcServer:4GB Ram- Linux Server with Ubantu.
How are the road conditions for driving an RV from Seattle WA to San Francisco on highway 101? Is it safe?
The road is fine. Just be aware of two types of traffic interactions that you have to actively manage in a vehicle of that size:Watch your mirrors. It is illegal in both Washington and Oregon to delay cars behind you. Make use of the FREQUENT turn-outs to let people by. Remember that you are very large and very slow compared to cars and motorcycles, and forcing them to pass you is not only the opposite of courtesy, it is dangerous. Best to take your time, be courteous, and not be “that guy”.Be super-aware of bicycles. Especially along the Oregon Coast, where hundreds of people cycle along the highway every summer. The likelihood of them being hit and possibly killed is MUCH higher with RVs than any other type of vehicle.I would strongly suggest NOT driving the RV on California Highway 1 along the Mendocino and Sonoma coasts. That road is in pretty bad shape last time I drove it, having suffered a lot of slides the winter before last when they had so much rain. Lots of construction and delays. Even where the road surface is okay, it is far too narrow and winding for RV traffic. Stick to 101.
What paperwork do I need to fill out to launch an LLC in the state of WA?
WA Secretary of State - Online Registration Form for LLC - $200https://corps.secstate.wa.gov/ll... ... That will give you a Washington State "Certification of Formation" & UBI (Unique Business ID). But don't forget you also have to register with the federal gov to get an EID (Employer Identification Number). The EID is the number you will use to open bank accounts, etc.You can register for that online as well - Free. http://www.irs.gov/businesses/sm...
Do you always have to move out of the way for state troopers while driving on the highway?
Do you HAVE to always move out of the way? No.. but in many cases, it is the wisest move available if you can do so safely.If the trooper vehicle has lights flashing, you should try to move out of the way if you can do so safely. Try and move to the slow lane, but if you cannot move to the slow lane, you should still try and get out of the way by moving to the shoulder and coming to a stop.If the trooper vehicle does NOT have lights flashing, but the trooper is moving faster than traffic, then try and move to the slower lane as long as you can do so safely.If the trooper vehicle is NOT flashing lights, and the vehicle is traveling along with traffic, then if you are moving more than 10mph than the speed limit, you should still slow down and move out of the way.Otherwise, just keep on keeping on. Don’t do anything that will create a problem by unsafely reacting to the presence of the trooper vehicle.
How could the federal government and state governments make it easier to fill out tax returns?
Individuals who don't own businesses spend tens of billions of dollars each year (in fees and time) filing taxes.  Most of this is unnecessary.  The government already has most of the information it asks us to provide.  It knows what are wages are, how much interest we earn, and so on. It should prthe information it has on the right line of an electronic tax return it provides us or our accountant.  Think about VISA. VISA doesn't send you a blank piece of paper each month, and ask you to list all your purchases, add them up and then penalize you if you get the wrong number.  It sends you a statement with everything it knows on it.   We are one of the only countries in the world that makes filing so hard. Many companies send you a tentative tax return, which you can adjust. Others have withholding at the source, so the average citizen doesn't file anything.California adopted a form of the above -- it was called ReadyReturn. 98%+ of those who tried it loved it. But the program was bitterly opposed by Intuit, makers of Turbo Tax. They went so far as to contribute $1 million to a PAC that made an independent expenditure for one candidate running for statewide office. The program was also opposed by Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist. The stated reason was that the government would cheat taxpayers. I believe the real reason is that they want tax filing to be painful, since they believe that acts as a constraint on government programs.
How long does the Google shuttle take from entering highway 101 in San Francisco to Mountain View in the morning?
I made this trip daily in the summer of 2022. Based on traffic it took anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. The express Caltrain, on the other hand, was a 5 min walk from my apartment and took "only" 45 mins to reach the Mountain View station. If you have bring a bike and can convince Google cover part or all of a monthly Caltrain pass, it might be the better way to go.
How to decide my bank name city and state if filling out a form, if the bank is a national bank?
Somewhere on that form should be a blank for routing number and account number. Those are available from your check and/or your bank statements. If you can't find them, call the bank and ask or go by their office for help with the form.  As long as those numbers are entered correctly, any error you make in spelling, location or naming should not influence the eventual deposit into your proper account.
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