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How can I retrieve my lost federal tax ID number?
If you previously applied for and received an EIN for your business, but have since misplaced it, try any or all of the following actions to locate the number:Find the computer-generated notice that was issued by the IRS when you applied for your EIN. This notice is issued as a confirmation of your application for, and receipt of an EIN.If you used your EIN to open a bank account, or apply for any type of state or local license, you should contact the bank or agency to secure your EIN.Find a previously filed tax return for your existing entity (if you have filed a return) for which you have your lost or misplaced EIN. Your previously filed return should be notated with your EIN.Ask the IRS to search for your EIN by calling the Business & Specialty Tax Line at (800) 829-4933. The hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday. An assistor will ask you for identifying information and prthe number to you over the telephone, as long as you are a person who is authorized to receive it. Examples of an authorized person include, but are not limited to, a sole proprietor, a partner in a partnership, a corporate officer, a trustee of a trust, or an executor of an estate.
How can I find out who called me from an unknown "No Caller ID" private number?
You can’t know who’s calling on Unknown ID’s and if there’s no voice message then its not important to you.99.99% of the time i don’t pick Unknown calls, and 100% I don’t care who’s calling with an unknown IDMy phone communication circle is quite simply narrowed down to Work, Girlfriend, family or others in my phone list, and if your not on my list I’m not interestedSometime’s my manager is calling me first as a Unknown ID and so i patiently wait for a text with his numbers on my screen knowing if its something urgently important for him and then reply back.Other times i may stumble on a unknown number with a caller ID and they come in patterns at the certain time of the day.So I will google it and a website usually comes up with multiple of other people reporting that its a ISP making sale calls or scammers on a website, then those numbers go straight to my block list.If you ask my opinion i reckon the system of telecommunication should be limited availability if two people agree to exchange phone numbers.If not then who ever attempts to call someone the other person who has not exchanged theirs to them should skip the dialling and go straight to a voice saying “Sorry the person you are trying to call has not agreed to give you their number, please seek approval or don’t bother trying again”That Idea came from A Black Mirror episode where two government agent officials start a joint operation in an investigation, instead of asking for their numbers they connect the phones together screen to screen in exchange of active communication.
What is it like to be a summer student at SUNY Oswego? How is it different from the normal school year?
Wow, what great memories from the summer 0f 1982 in Osewgo! I think what I remember most was that I worked that summer at a Renaissance Festival just outside of town, and man was it a blast! The nights were spent downtown seeing bands like 805 at the Great Laker Inn, followed by the usual gatherings along Bridge St. The weather was perfect with some kick-ass Upstate New York thunderstorms. The most fun had to be the night we all ate mushrooms and camped out along Lake Ontario to witness The Northern Lights-a night I will NEVER forget. I believe you still have the Oswego Sub Shop there as well-I saw the website!! I delivered subs for them for four years of college-made a ton of cash also. Oswego is a great great place to be at for a summer in college. Have fun-I sure did, and I hope that this information helps. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the town is much quieter in the summer so getting to classes is easier and the overall school program was much more relaxed.
How do I find out my state ID number?
To have an individual state ID number, you need to have applied for and received either a driver license or state ID card. The number will be on the face of the card, usually somewhere near the top.If you are looking for your state ID number for your company or as a business owner, that will be somewhere on the notification that you received approving your business to operate in your state. In California, that would also be your tax ID number.One of the previous answers refers to your individual tax ID number, which would be your Social Security number. This is not a state ID number, because it is issued by the federal government, not the individual state. It therefore does not qualify to be classified as a state ID.
Is it a good idea to fill out most online forms with a fake cellphone number?
The best approach for your case is to get a temporary phone number online. You just buy the number and configure call forwarding (in case you want to receive calls apart from dialing out) - that way you can decide if the call is important and you want to pick it up or just leave it ringing/reject. Give this number on craiglist or any web forms you like. You can do this on https://myphonerobot.com for $2.99/month
What is the total number of federal applications, documents, or forms from all the departments of government that US citizens are required by law to fill out?
I am not an American. But it would depend on the person's circumstances. How much do they earn? If you earn little then you don't need to file a tax return. How do they earn it? Self employed or employed?Do they travel? You need a passport.How long do they live? - if they die after birth then it is very little. Do they live in the USA?What entitlements do they have?Do they have dialysis? This is federally funded.Are they on medicaid/medicare?.Are they in jail or been charged with a crime?Then how do you count it? Do you count forms filled in by the parents?Then there is the census the Constitution which held every ten years.
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