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Ohio state route 104 closure Form: What You Should Know

Tag Archives: DOT District 10 — (District 10) — Litter Media “Rough Country” is getting a facelift! New road resurfacing is taking place between State Route 33 in Kenton and State Route 34 in North Ridgeville. Tag Archives: Ohio Department of Transportation — Litter Media As of February 20, the northbound and southbound lanes of I-71 South will be closed during the spring and summer months as work begins to replace culverts in the median near the highway. Tag Archives: Ohio Department of Transportation -- Litter Media Tag Archives: Ohio Department of Transportation — Litter Media Tag Archives: State Route 104 -- Litter Media A bridge repair project is planned to begin in mid-2016 and last through May 7, 2017, to replace the bridges on S.R. 104 and SR 104. Tag Archives: Ohio Department of Transportation — Litter Media The work will take place on the westbound portion of State Route 104. From the SR 104 (Jackson Pike) interchange to SR 104 North, the bridge will be closed to traffic. From the SR 104 (Jackson Pike) interchange to SR 104 South the bridge will be closed to all traffic. Tag Archives: Ohio Department of Transportation — Litter Media In mid-February 2017, a new two-lane highway bridge will be constructed between I-71 and SR 108 near Lake view (Jackson Pike) in Kenton/North Ridgeville. It's a new life for the I-71 bridge over the Little Miami River. Tag Archives: State Route 104 — Litter Media To improve traffic flow along SR 94/4 in Kenton, improvements will be made in the future to the SR 99 and SR 102 interchange ramps between the interchange and SR 94. Also, to improve traffic flow along SR 94 South between SR 104 and the SR 104 interchange, improvements will be made to the interchange. Ridgefield Road will be an I-71 street (between apron and overpass), but I-71 will run south of it in three lanes with occasional access from SR 104. Tag Archives: Ohio Department of Transportation — Litter Media The new interchange at SR 102/SR 99. Both SR 102/SR 99 bridges on State Route 104 will be replaced. In late February 2017, the Ohio Department of Transportation completed the widening of OH 541 in Franks ton/Lake Grove to four lanes.

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Instructions and Help about Ohio state route 104 closure

Some breaking news for you on your Monday morning. An accident involving a logging truck has led to the temporary closure of state route 104 just north of lake white. No one was injured, but there was a near miss. Yes, guiding I guess I'm driving out towards tea bowls and I just thought playing Kaylee Schmidt of Columbus was headed south and approaching the northbound truck when logs broke loose, causing it to lose control. It was like one of those moments where you start to slow down because you're thinking, well maybe something's gonna happen, but I just figured, you know, you know he has a big load sometimes they sway back and forth and then as I was passing, Miss when it really started to turn and flip. So it was pretty scary. How close was it to doing something hitting your car? I feel like it was really, really close. It's kind of one of those moments that your adrenaline is rushing, so it definitely was starting to flip while I was passing him, but I'm finding my car's fine. So the driver of the truck, 70-year-old Eugene Coleman and MacArthur, said it was the first accident he's had in his 40 years of driving. He believes one of the beams holding the logs in place broke and that led to the wreck. It went over then, hey, nobody's control. Oh yeah, clear down on each side, come back up. Was it this part here that was broke? That's broken here, is that what kind of started everything, you think? The truck and the logs it was hauling completely blocked both lanes of state route 104. The route was still closed at the time of the posting of this report. First responders at the scene told...