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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ridge road mumbai

Instructions and Help about ridge road mumbai

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How do I open a road side food stall in Mumbai? Who do I contact to find out the rent prices for a road food stall, what license is required? Etc
U need a trade licence/health certificate from BMMC ,license under Shop & establishment Act ,labour license and GST. Rent prices u can contact BMC
How do I fill out an online form for Mumbai University after the last date?
BTW which form are you talking about?If it's admission form than this is not possible but just check at MU campus at Kalina if something can be done.If not go directly to the college you want to apply and see if seats are left and take your admission thru the offline process.All the best!
If an electric car is out of juice on the road, how do you fill it up like you do for a gas car?
The best answer is to buy / lease an Extended Range EV (EREV) like the Chevy Volt or the Ford Fusion Energi.  These are EVs with a gasoline generator for backup.  I leased a 2021 Volt for 3 years and now I'm leasing a 2021 Volt for 3 more years.  I plug it up in my garage every night when I get home and the battery is full every morning.  I can drive 40 (sometimes 50!) miles on that $1.30 of electricity then it will automatically start the generator to keep the battery charged to about 20% while you drive around like normal.  You can drive 340 miles or so on 9 gallons of gas, pull into a gas station, get more gas, then drive across the country if you want like a normal car.  The game changer is being able to plug in and drive on grid power (or directly on sunlight if you have solar panels!) instead of gasoline.  So now instead of buying gas every few days or weeks (if you have a hybrid) you can now go several months between fill ups!  I've only filled my tank twice since Christmas and that was only because I drove it 1200 miles round trip for Christmas and drove down to Miami in March to see the Formula E race.  Since I drive less than 40 miles a day I can do 99% of my driving on the battery without using a drop of gas (even if I go 100 MPH, the generator will not turn on until the battery is drained.)  But having the gas range extender means I can go anywhere a gas car can without worrying at all about running out of juice.  This is probably our best bet until we can have 200 - 300 mile range out of batteries alone as well as the Tesla Supercharger like chargers for all cars when we go on road trips.  Otherwise we just plug in when we get home and use gas if we run out of juice or on long trips.
How do I change streams in Mumbai University after filling out a form for a BSc?
HelloFor filling form for various courses in Mumbai University and IDOL you can contact -SM CONSULTANT :- 8898804673.THANKS.
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