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Ridge road map Form: What You Should Know

This map is in English only.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ridge road map

Instructions and Help about Ridge road map

Hey everybody this JJ and this is going to be a real quick lesson on how to read contour lines and unfortunately I haven't figured out a great way to to do this and to show you the graphic representations so that it makes it easy to understand so what I've gone to is just basically taken some images from some old survival manuals so that is going to be what we're going to take a look at here first okay so essentially contour lines basically measure the distance from sea level they measure elevation but their shape also gives you an indication of what kind of terrain feature you're looking at now there are three different kinds of contour lines you have the index contour line which as you see in this picture here has the elevation marked on it then you have what is the most common that you'll see the most of is the intermediate contour lines and those are not labeled and then you'll have the dotted supplementary lines now supplementary lines are generally only used when you have kind of a flat elevation okay so contour lines as you can see in this picture here are basically what is enables you to determine elevation when you're looking at a 3d object like the hills on the top you can see how you can look how you can read that in a 2d form down at the bottom so contour lines are basically just like it looks in a picture they're basically a big for lack of a better word circles you know that follow the same elevation around a contour feature and no matter how weird shaped a mountain is or whatever their contour line is always going to close back into itself because it...