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Directions to suny oswego Form: What You Should Know

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Directions to suny oswego

Instructions and Help about Directions to suny oswego

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FAQ - Directions to suny oswego

What are the best reasons to attend SUNY Oswego?
GO LAKERS! The main reason I attended Oswego was because it was the only state school I got accepted into haha. It was one of my college choices because they had a hockey team (I had played hockey in HS but I was no where near good enough to join Oswegou2019s), they offered a broadcasting major (I was interested in pursuing a career in radio), and they had a photography minor (I had an interest in photography in HS but ended up not pursuing it in any way, shape, or form).Aside from that, it's a cool campus and they've upgraded it a ton since I graduated. They built a brand new campus center/college arena for their hockey team during my time, they've built new student housing, and if the programs are the same, they offer great opportunities. The views on the lake are amazing: one of the pitches they give you is Oswego has the 2nd best sunset in the world. I joined WNYO FM and it was one of the best experiences of my 4.5 years and I credit it with helping to lead me into the career path I chose (music industry).Oswego offers a wide variety of clubs and programs that will help you find yourself and help you find friends.The teachers I had, for the most part were great and we have a lot of famous and very successful alumni.The cons of going to Oswego is the lake effect snow, unless you enjoy winter. I didn't mind it until we got snow in April.I found out my freshman year Oswego was known as a heavy party school (most bars per capita in America at one point and they have the Bridge Street Run - a massive bar hopping experience). While I'm not advocating underage drinking, underage partying was a big part of my college experience and it may be a u201cnon-educationalu201d consideration for you as well.Good luck with your applications and if you decide to go Gold, congrats and good luck!
What are the best things to do on weekends as a student at SUNY Oswego?
Those who have said there is nothing to do, haven't looked very hard. Oswego is a small town so it certainly isnu2019t going to have the same options a metropolitan area does. But going to a university is about trying new things, so explore.Here are some options:Hike, walk, or jog one of the many wilderness areas near campus. Rice creek/fallbrook, Sterling Nature Center, Great Bear, chimney bluffs state park, or Salmon River falls trail.You can also walk numerous trails in the city, including river walks east & west and fort Ontario: Hiking & Biking TrailsFort Ontario and Safe Haven museum are worth exploring. Safe Haven is the only place in the US where refugees were allowed during WW2.Rent or borrow a kayak and paddle one of the MANY waterways in the area. There are the Oswego Harbor & river, deer creek, Sterling Creek, Salmon, Little Salmon, South Sandy Creek, & Sandy pond. There is now a local company that rents boats and bikes, Oswego ExpeditionsTake a day trip to the finger lakes or Adirondacks. The finger lakes are full of interesting small towns and wineries. The Adirondacks have some great mountain trails. Both have lots of waterfalls to explore. Waterfalls of New York MapSkiing is an easy sport to start in CNY. There are over thirty ski resorts in NYS and a dozen are easy day trips from Oswego. I SKI NY Gold Pass for 2018-19There are some great local musicians and a very active local music scene in Oswego and CNY. Live musicians can be seen almost every weekend in Oswego. If you donu2019t want to go to a bar, SUNY Oswego hosts acts and there is a music venue in town called the Oswego music hall. In addition to performers, they host regular open mic nights. OCPA | UPCOMING EVENTSFestivals, festivals, festival. There seems to always be a festival going on in Oswego or Syracuse.Iu2019ve spent a lot of time in NYC, Boston and DC, as well as Syracuse and Rochester. If you are new to any area, it takes a little effort to find things to do that interest you. Once you do find some things to do, youu2019ll meet other people that share your interests and then you share ideas. More often than not, my problem is deciding what to do out of multiple overlapping options. But I was never into the bar scene anywhere, anyway.
What is it like to be a summer student at SUNY Oswego? How is it different from the normal school year?
Wow, what great memories from the summer f 1982 in Osewgo! I think what I remember most was that I worked that summer at a Renaissance Festival just outside of town, and man was it a blast! The nights were spent downtown seeing bands like 805 at the Great Laker Inn, followed by the usual gatherings along Bridge St. The weather was perfect with some kick-ass Upstate New York thunderstorms. The most fun had to be the night we all ate mushrooms and camped out along Lake Ontario to witness The Northern Lights-a night I will NEVER forget. I believe you still have the Oswego Sub Shop there as well-I saw the website!! I delivered subs for them for four years of college-made a ton of cash also. Oswego is a great great place to be at for a summer in college. Have fun-I sure did, and I hope that this information helps. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the town is much quieter in the summer so getting to classes is easier and the overall school program was much more relaxed.
Do you recommend Chinese students to study in SUNY Oswego for a year? Why?
MonicaI was born and raised in Saint Paul, MN. In High School my Physics/Chemistry Teacher convinced me to go the the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology even though my grades would never suggest I had the ability. When I got there I struggled, but a few famous professors convinced me that I belonged there and at around age 23 my life changed in ways I could not imagine. I had a part time business fixing cars as cars were unreliable. I learned how to draw and my mechanical drafting were works of art. I often got in trouble for spending too much time making them works of art. In the military I wrote more than 1500 pages of letters and this helped me to be able to write fluently as I could speak. By the time I graduated I had skills that got me a job in one week two interviews hired. In four years my wages double. Yes this is my story. However I hope you see where this is all going, learn as many skills as possible. If programming, data-bases, or computer app development, marketing is in your future you need to learn these skills and they are not going to come from a class room.Life is not a social event. I have owned at least six different business in my life, Mechanical auto repair, auto body restoration and painting, drafting, and yes I had a full time engineering job. I learned CAD but was prohibited from using at my job with the State of Minnesota. Well I had contractors hire my to design projects from them even a Major Hospital had me do projects while still employed by the state. My wife and I purchased a Tanning Salon, the only big loser and we gave up after ten years. I retired six years ago and became a Construction Manager for Telecommunications and I have an offer to spend three months in Alabama. I also was hired and had six or eight projects as a Commissioning Agent. There have only been less than six years in my adult life that I did not have a separate business and half of these endeavors included my wife and life partner.I do not know your dream, start creating some and find someone who shares your energy and passion. I watched many rich people fail at a business their parents gave them or spent too much money. Forget about the vacation school. Oh I also a guitar player, I am a songwriter recording artist, play in many church bands, and have a blues band. Do this right and you will have a full filling life and leave your mark on this world that is getting smaller every day. Success is not luck you create that with your talent and skills
What are the best student organizations to join at SUNY Oswego? Why should students join them?
SUNY Oswego, like all the other state universities in NY state requires organizations, clubs etc to register themselves.the student association , which all students pay a fee to, gives a budget to all these groups depending on their membership Etc. This list will be simple to find.i belonged to the school newdpaper , the Oswegonian because I was an English major and there were lots of cool people there. I also had a radio show on the campus station. It was tons of fun. i also played intramural sports. Great stuff.Tons of groups to belong to.BUTThere is no best organization to belong to! ITu2019S ABOUT YOUR INTERESTS. Theres something for everyone. Just join .i graduated my undergraduate in 1997. Masters in 2003
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