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Instructions and Help about Ny 390

Hi on this tutorial I will show you where to find your certification or naturalization number many people ask where do I find my certification number so it's pretty easy in sample if you know where to look for the first question why do I need it for you need it when you want to file a petition for your relative the world or your relative people live outside of the US and you want to to enter or live to come to live with you okay well if you intend the US and you enter with a green card and later on you become the US citizen they give you a certificate and let it let alone a new life you want to file a petition for your mom your dad your daughter and son sisters and brothers and I will show you what form you are to fire okay this is form one the i-130 okay I 130 and this form already you know did to tell you on this I'm not gonna go to every question I'm gonna show you where they ask you that question and this forum okay this is number 13 okay number 13 the the say if you are us Suzanne complete the following if you check birth in the u.s. you were born here in the u.s. you don't need to prany number because you don't have it you born here and I said if they don't give you any certificate okay now if not if you were if you were not born here okay you you were born and or the country for example I was born in Haiti and I I checked that one okay and I become a new essence and they give me a certificate okay they give me a naturalization certificate now where do I find that number okay this tutorial is basically for for that question many people ask me where do I find that number because it's tricky and I'm I made a picture of will certificate this is hi looks like okay it could be different but basically the same if you look on top okay on the white corner you say a number will win and red egg this is one number below that you is a number within an black egg okay this is two number but they need only one the one that you need that's the one that weighted and red egg this is the the one that you will pull okay it could be different it could be different number but this is a to you but basically the answer is red egg on the top right corner okay now what is that number confirm a black black number waiting in black okay say I NS registration number and start with a remember you were the green card all day that's mean this is your green card number why'd they put it it mean the the letter.


The Earth is rotating. If a helicopter takes off in LA and stays in the air (with what reference frame and velocity?) for 10 hours, will it land in NY?
The Earth is rotating. If a helicopter takes off in LA and stays in the air (with what reference frame and velocity?) for 10 hours, will it land in NY?nFrom Buffalo, NY to Brooklyn, NY, how many days does it take?nHow is KTM Duke 390 for long touring?nWalk in Boxes NYnAre you in search of a new walk-in freezer for your business? turn to the experts at walk-in-boxes-n-y.....we're the experts in custom-built commercial walk-in freezers! ...nWhat was the furthest that the German bomber aircraft penetrated into the North Atlantic during World War II?nWhat is the most you have ever spent on a single meal and was it worth the price?nIs there a bias against Yankee players in the Hall of Fame induction process?n
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