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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ridge road ny

Instructions and Help about Ridge road ny

8850 six Ridge Road gas port New York better known as the cobble Hurst estate in 1834 Quaker Church renovated if a Millionaire heiress a marine and rebuilt in 1915 into a luxury estate featuring lush gardens sizeable indoor pool and ornate stained glass set on one and a half acres of recently pampered lawn and wandering gardens central hall reminiscent of an old English manor while lying adjacent the Viking stainless steel appliances granite capped counters and McKenzie de coeur kitchen just the right fit for dark morning brew and scones deep entrancing woodwork outlines the absolutely comfy surroundings like original cobblestone fireplace hearth and rustic lighting fixtures and don't let the stunning hardwood floors and French doors escape your attention Music and the crown jewel a 19-15 indoor inground swimming pool with full windows surround the morning swim and sunlit patio egress from one splash to another cross to the corner bar room with side patio door a non-word up the stairway a taste of the brilliance of the colorful leaded glass leading to the bedroom arrangement an oversized hall branches out to guest or junior bedrooms Music dressing-room and pull that a classic look with the new construct feel the master-bedroom carries on the cobble stone fireplace tradition with king-size bed and twin French doors connecting to the serene balcony views of the luxury at landscaping room to roam Outback a surrounding treeline offers some sense of seclusion but the size alone should keep you undisturbed picnic deck and side grilling patio make for amazing friend and family gatherings a successfully run historic bed-and-breakfast with an additional studio apartment rental above the multi car garage and be sure to check out cobble hurst estate on facebook thank you for viewing our video tour and remember to like video house on Facebook subscribe to our YouTube channel and schedule your video house today.


What is the longest Street in Rochester NY?
70 miles (113 km) of Ridge Road 14over half of the road's total length 14is part of NY 104, which joins the road outside of Lewiston and leaves it upon crossing the Genesee River in Rochester....Ridge Road (Western New York) Ridge RoadEast endNY 370 near Red CreekLocationCountryUnited StatesStateNew York13 more rows
Why is Ridge Road called Ridge Road?
The Ridge Route was the first major highway project and first new mountain road project undertaken by the State. Surveys began for the Ridge Route in 1912, mostly following a ridge line which ran from Castaic to Gorman.
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